Gateron Switch


Gateron switches are a clone of the original Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switches. They are compatible with anything made for Cherry MX switches. Unlike most copies many will argue that Gateron switches are better than the originals.

Bulk Buy Pricing

  • 50-69 switches – 5% discount
  • 70-109 switches – 10% discount
  • 110-199 switches – 14% discount
  • 200+ switches – 20% discount
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There are two housings available. Standard housings are black base and transparent top, these have 5 pins and are PCB mount switches. The SMD housing are white base and transparent top, these have 3 pins and are plate mount. They also have a small indent in the bottom to allow for SMD LEDs to sit on top of the PCB.

Linear Switches

  • Red – 45g
  • Yellow – 50g
  • Black – 50g
  • Clear – 34g

Tactile Switches

  • Brown – 45g

Clicky Switches

  • Green – 80g
  • Blue – 55g

Additional information

Stem Colour

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Clear, Brown, Black


SMD, Standard


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