Stock Update, GB Update

Stock + Kailh Speed GB update

Stock Update

All pre-orders for items that are now in stock will be shipping out tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest.

Kailh Speed GB Update

This Group Buy is progressing steadily. The switches have now been produced by Kaihua and dispatched, I paid extra, a cost not factored into GB pricing for the delivery to be done in 3-4 days instead of 7-10 days. Delivery is being done through DHL and tracking now states the packages as being in the UK and customs status as updated. In my experience with DHL I would not be surprised to have the package be delivered tomorrow, and at the latest I would expect it to be delivered by Tuesday.

Once I recieve the switches I will count them to verify that Kaihua has fulfilled the order in it's entirety, and then I will start to package and send out orders. Normally I would take a days holiday from my day job to package everyones orders in one day, however we are short staffed at work right now so I will be packaging in the evenings only. There are 43 orders to package so I reckon that all orders will be out within two days of the switches arriving to me.

If you're sorry that you missed out on the GB, you can still pre-order extras here.

If you've read to the end, thanks! Have a great day!