About Us

George is a gamer. Games that he plays are the Tomb Raider series, Uncharted, Spyro the Dragon, Minecraft, Crash Bandicoot. As well as playing games, I like to dabble in game development using Unity3D and Unreal Engine, I have a couple of small games on the Play Store. They aren’t anything fantastic, but I had fun making them!

Daily Driver: Varmillo VA69M (Kailh Gold+ GMK Nautilus) + Logitech MX Master

Second Board: GK64 (Kailh Bronze + No keycaps right now)

Optic Boards is an online retailer of all things mechanical keyboards, from PCBs to Switches. We are ever expanding our range of products.

Optic Boards was founded on February 2nd 2017 by a then Computer Science student, George, who wanted to pay cheaper prices for switches. This was kicked off with a Gateron Switch Group Buy that was very successful. Since then we have hosted many more Group Buys for a whole host of switches, all have been successful with many happy customers.

Optic Boards constant goal has been to make Mechanical Keyboards more accessible to everyone, rubber dome keyboards should not be the only keyboard that people experience. Gamers, Programmers, Graphic Designers, Office Workers … anyone who spends more than an hour in front of a computer should try a Mechanical Keyboard.